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Postal address:
PO Box 395
Cambridge CB3 9PJ, UK

Tel: 0870 842 2000
Fax: +44 1223 514122

Genius 2000 Software was founded by William Tunstall-Pedoe who also founded


Genius 2000 Software exists to market two highly unusual language-based technologies. Click here to read about what we do in more detail and the possible business opportunities that exist from partnering with us.

Arrow Products

Anagram Genius

The definitive anagram-generating software (and used by Dan Brown to create the anagrams in the Da Vinci Code book and movie).

Crossword Maestro

The only product that can solve and explain cryptic (and non-cryptic) crosswords!


Converts web pages containing crosswords into machine-readable form!

Contains online versions of our Crossword Maestro and Anagram Genius technologies and many other exciting tools!

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These areas provide information of use to existing customers. If you already own one of these product please enter our site here.

Anagram Genius customers
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